January 18, 2008

Medical Transcription Career Resources

Working from home as a medical transcriptionist or coder has always sounded intriguing to me. It offers great flexibility and the pay appears to be good. I imagine doing transcribing/coding at night or early mornings, when my kids are in bed. I must admit I have not done much more than just that...imagine..., but this year I may actually may take some action.

Career Step is a leading provider of online medical transcription and medical coding training.Career Step has been in business since 1992 and is based in Springville, Utah. If you are at all interested in this field, this would be a good place to start gathering information on training programs.

Career Step has also partnered with Spheris (see my post below!)and formed the Spheris Training Track Program. Basically this means that portions of Career Step's training program has been tailored to meet the specific training and hiring requirements of Spheris.

Check out Career Step to find out more about training and orking from home as a medical transcriptionist! Find out more about the Career Step/Spheris Training Program here.

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