February 17, 2008

Breakfast In Bed

I have a friend who is thinking of starting a home delivery service for breakfast only. I think it sounds like a great idea...the thought of lying snug and warm in my bed while waiting for my breakfast order to be delivered sounds pretty tempting and decadent. Hmmmm. Anyway, my friend is trying to come up with advertising ideas, brochures, etc... And the image she really wants as the main focus is a really great looking bed, probably with a tray on it.
So, we surfed the web a bit checking out different styles of beds to find just the right image. The choices have been narrowed down to a sleigh, a big comfy queen bed, and an even comfier looking king bed. The site we were on made it hard it choose because they had so many great choices!
Anyway, my friend, the beginning entrepeneur, ended up falling in love with a Cherry Wood Entertainment Center while browsing around , and if her new business takes off, she plans to reward herself with it! She even printed out a picture of it to use as her motivation, lol! I think we ended up spending too much time on our virtual "window" shopping though, and not enough time working on her business plan. Oops--that's what happens I guess when you stumble upon a cool site that you just keep clicking away on!
Tomorrow we'll be surfing around again in pursuit of other things needed for my friend's breakfast delivery business. I suppose we will have to try and stay focused...focus..focus...focus, lol.

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