February 18, 2008

Work From Home As A Real Estate Agent's Assistant

Anytime you call a small business - a real estate agency, a graphic-design firm or a the person answering the phone may be a "virtual assistant," acting as receptionist, appointment secretary and e-mail manager from his or her own home.
Virtual assistants do everything that executive assistants usually do in an office, only they do it from home. Basically, as an assistant to a real estate agent,you would provide services such as

Marketing Services
Listing Coordination
Transaction Management
Administrative Support
Website Maintenance

You should be a well-organized person, and be knowledgable about real estate in general. Working from home as an assistant would most likely require a computer and Internet service as well. There arereal estate software programs that are available that would make working from home as a real estate assistant much easier for busy moms (or dads!)
You can easily organize contacts, listings, buyers, finances, appointments, and tasks, create flyers, letters, and perform mailmerges---- all things an assistant to a busy real estate agent probably would need to do on a daily basis.

Aside from the initial investment for a good software program ( try to check out one like, agentorganizer.com..which also lets you try their program free for 15 days), your start up costs would be minimal, assuming you already have the computer/Internet at home. Advertise by leaving flyers at Real Estate Offices, and by visiting Open Houses where you can meet agents and give them a brochure about your new business!

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