February 22, 2008

Is This a Good Time To Invest In Stocks?

I sure don't know, but I think there will be as many people saying yes as people saying no. The most common advice I hear is that investing needs to be done with the understanding that it should be for the long term. My husband and I have wanted to get into some type of investing, and I am just now trying to understand all the different options and risks. Ugh. Somehow doing research on this subject makes me feel like I am back in school and have to do some horrible monotonous and confusing report. Yikes.
But I do know that if nothing else, we need to take our time and research and ask questions. Yep--do our homework, in other words (see-it is like being back in school!).

I have found many sites that pretty much give standard specifics on companies and such, but it is pretty overwhelming and confusing to me. One site, is a little different in that you do get the basic numbers and stats on a certain company you are interested in, but it also invites members of the site to contribute data and information. Data that is member-contributed does need to be footnoted with a reliable source, which I think is a good thing. I had been doing research on Nike and I found an easy to read and understand article that gave some interesting facts about Nike that I didn't know before (i.e., did you know Nike and Payless Shoes have partnered up...you can buy some Nike products at Payless? I didn't know that...interesting.) I also didn't know that Nike was so big in China as they are.

Anyway, I do not know how my husband and mine ideas for getting into the stock market will turn out. I will keep reading and asking for advice, and hopefully we will make the right decision. Any advice from any investors out there will be appreciated..anyone??

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