February 21, 2008

The Real Estate Business....

Is something that can be a combination of work at home and working out of the home. Most of your paperwork, prospecting, escrow follow-up, appointment setting etc. could be done from your own home office. But you would need to plan for office meetings, showing clients homes,attending Broker's Open Houses, holding your own open houses for your on listings, etc. So it would definetly be a mix of working at home and working out of the home.
The challenging aspect of real estate, in my opinion, is the ability to present good sales techniques. In what seems like eons ago, I worked as a real estate agent. While I enjoyed many aspects of my career at the time, such as setting my own hours, working at home whenever I could, and basically running my own business, there were also aspects I never felt comfortable with---mainly the selling side of the business. I just never got the knack of being "in the zone'so to speak with encouraging potential sellers to list their homes, nor with potential buyers to purchase a particular home. I would observe other agents handle that side of the business with such ease that it seemed like it was the most natural thing in the world. Ugh. Not for me, though.
I think back often to my real estate days...I did make pretty good money, and I did enjoy the best of both worlds...time at home with my kids, and time with grown-ups and real outfits ( not sweatpants and bathrobes covered with babymilk, baby drool, and leftover applesauce stains!. I sometimes wonder if I gave up on that career too quickly. If I had been able to find the support I needed to become comfortable with the selling side of the business, maybe I would have continued on with it.
With everything pretty much available online these days, I can find Sales Training resources for developing positive sales techniques. I think 'practicing' techniques, learning new techniques, support and applicable learning experiences would have given me more confidence. And the extra added benefit of getting such training and support online while at home would have been nice. I wish I had maybe found resources back in those real estate days. ah well.
But would I go back to real estate today? Probably not. It's kind of like, 'been there, done that'. But would I recommend Real Estate as a career for moms ( or Dads) that really want to work from home? Sure, as long as you are comfortable with 'selling'...yourself first, as an agent your prospective client should hire, and secondly the home your prospective client should buy or sell. Also, I would advise someone considering this career to keep in mind that it will not be a 100% 'work-at-home' job....maybe 70%. Lastly, it is important to check out all the licensing requirements for your state, if you are considering starting a career as a real estate agent.

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