March 27, 2008

Apple iPhone

I want an Apple iPhone. Really bad. Ack. But they are expensive, and truth be told, I don't really need one. But they just look so cool, don't they? I've been checking one out at imobileplaza today, and I just love the way it looks, not to mention the fun options that the iPhone offers. Oh well. I admit it would be just like getting a toy...not something necessary. But I am still going to start dropping hints to my husband. After all, Mother's Day is coming soon, followed by my birthday no too long after,lol.
But really it is more than I would want to spend on a cell phone of any kind. The cellphones in our house tend to have short lifespans. Seriously, we have had several phones take a "swim" in our toilets. Not to mention the one that mysteriously disappeared many months ago, and has never turned up since ( I think that one must have been dropped into a trash can!).
No, really nice expensive things are at risk in our house for at least another, oh, say, seven years.Untill then, Ill just "window shop" and dream.

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