March 27, 2008

Freelance Writers For Researching Consumer Products

This sounds like a wonderful work at home opportunity. You do need to follow the process for getting approved as a writer/researcher for this company, but if you are successful, it could be a nice way to earn an income from home. Best part is, you can work your own hours (like during nap times for kidlets, after kidlets go to bed, just whenever works for you!), and you don't need to worry about making phone calls with kidlets and assorted noisy pets around.

Hiring will be ongoing through spring and summer of 2008.

What you will be doing is researching consumer products and preparing reports about your findings. You need to be detail-oriented, critical, and organized. Strong research skills and fact finding analysis will be required to do this well, but editors are available to help you with questions and to get your research into the best report possible.

Once you get established as a researcher, assignments will be ongoing, no commitment is required.

The pay is usually per report, and depends on the research and the write, but is never less than $350.

To apply, they ask you to prepare a sample report to send in.

Read the full details about this freelance research opportunity, and also be sure to explore the site and read reports on the site to get a feel of what type of writing and research is required.

Good Luck!

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