March 1, 2008

Bloggers ..... A New Opportunity In Blogging

Blog Distributor is a new company that pays bloggers for their blogging.

"We take orders from companies that need Blog Postings for their clients and match them to Bloggers like you. We pay you via PayPal weekly. You can probably make more money with us than any other Blog Firm.

Our system is superior to all other Blog Firms, for both Bloggers and buyers of Blog Postings. Our unique capabilities make us very attractive to our clients, which means that we will have a lot of jobs for you if your Blog matches our criteria (most do).

Your Blog can focus on a particular subject or be very general. You can be located anywhere in the USA or Canada. The more popular your Blog is, the more we will pay you per Blog Posting, but every Blog has value to us (minimum of $5 per Blog Posting).

Your Blog must be in the English language and comment about life in the USA or Canada."

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