March 25, 2008

Boots, The Silence of The Doggies, and Temper Tantrums

This morning was one of those mornings where I couldn't decide if I was happy that I worked at home and thus had no worries of getting to my job on time, or if I was crazy to be at home in the midst of total craziness ( and loud temper tantrums...and no, not my kids tantrums either, but my husband's.)

Ah, yes, to dream.

The boots. What chaos a chewed-up forlorn boot, no longer part of a matching pair, caused in our house this morning.

The dog (well, one of our dogs...they are all taking a vow of silence and will not point a paw at the guilty member of our canine contingency!)chewed one of my husband's work boots.

Not a good thing. But this is why I have entertained the fantasy in my head today of strolling out our door, smiling and looking fabulous in my suit of course, leaving my husband as he tempered tantrumed away, and waving bye to my kids happily ensconced in the care of a spectacular babysitter/nanny/Mary Poppins type care giver.

Yes, it was a loud, very loud, crazy morning at our house this morning. But would I really trade in my bathrobe, laptop, and kids for a fancy suit and some office job somewhere? LOL. Nope.

And my oh so cranky husband who had to go do his carpentry thing in tennis shoes this morning...well he'll be happy when he gets home to know I ordered him a great pair of work boots that are even better than the last pair!

Now, if I could just figure out the guilty party. I'm thinking bribery with a doggie bone....hmm....or maybe a better, the lure of a trip to the dog park? Hmm...

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