March 25, 2008

Dog and Cat Detective Business?

This is an interesting one that I thought deserving of a mention. If you are looking for ideas for a home business to start, you might want to add this one to your list.

It is a detective business for locating lost pets. Basically, the companies will respond to "911" type calls from owners whose pet has gone missing. It is very professional, with the expert pet finders being trained and certified through The Missing Pet Partnership. Detectives often use Search dogs trained to follow scents. These dogs are often able to find missing cats, dogs, and even reptiles.

There are a few sources you can check out to get more information if you are interested in getting certified and starting your own Pet Detective Business, so grab some coffee or tea, and enjoy!

Pet Search and Rescue

Finding Paws

Missing Pet Partnership

Lost Pet Detection

And an interesting article on the finding lost pets through a pet detective agency

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