March 5, 2008

Cell Phone And Mobile Gadget Blogger Opportunity

This is a work from home job posted on that requires a blogger to post daily on a well visited website. The daily posts will be about, of course, cellphones! The posts should be about 200-300 words, and you can plan on doing about 20 of these posts a month.
Also, about once a month a more in depth post of about 750 words will be required.

The pay is $5.00 per daily post, and $15.00 for the longer posts ( about 4x/month).

Postings will be about news and new cell phone and mobile products from Asia, Europe and North America. You can get the info from other cell phone sites (as long as attribution is made and no plagiarizing or only using a limited number of sources), searching of news sites, manufacturer's sites, etc.

To apply, send in a description of your experience and two writing samples to

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