March 5, 2008

Virtuserve....... Looking For Work At Home Agents this company is a virtual call center and when you go to the website, it says that they are looking for quality work-at-home agents in Canada and in the United States, but when you click on the link for qualifications to work at home for Virtuserve, it states "...if you live in Canada, and meet our qualifications, Virtuserve would like to hear from you." So I suppose that this opportunity is indeed for Canadian residents only at this time. If you are in the States, I suggest bookmarking the site and checking back!

The requirements for the Canada-based Work At Home Program are:

* Broadband data connection to the Internet with a minimum upload speed of 128kps. This speed is typically offered via high speed cable.

* Dedicated work computer.

* A noise-canceling headset.

* Dedicated sound proof or quiet office or workspace.

* Must meet requirements set by Canadian and or Provincial government to work as an Independent contractor.

* Good phone skills and friendly attitude.

* Ability to define work schedule and be available during those stated work hours.

Again, the company is called Virtuserve, and here is their website for you to check out more!

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