March 11, 2008

eBay Alternatives For Online Sellers

Sellers unhappy with eBay's price increases and policies changes of late do have alternatives. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not advocating sellers leave eBay by any means; I do not sell on eBay at all, but I know many moms and others at home have made quite a nice income through their eBay businesses.

But apparently eBay has made changes to their seller's fees and listing policies recently that have made more than just a few sellers upset. So I thought I'd check around a bit and find out what other alternatives some ex-eBay sellers have discovered. is the first site I checked out. What is offers free web store building and a free online marketplace. Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes. Buyers can easily browse and compare between thousands of products.

Sellers receive free website hosting, a free subdomain and a powerful admin tool to manage their free online stores. So sellers will always get a 100% of their sales. All products are posted to the world's most famous product search engine as well. also offers premium product positions. With that, charges will apply only to sellers that are willing to advertise their products so they appear in premium positions in the corresponding categories. is another site I found to be quite interesting. This site states it is not an auction site. There are no bids,reserve pricing, and auction end times. is more of a trading site, where buyers and sellers simply negotiate on pricing. Buyers can make an offer on an item and the seller can accept, counter, or reject the offer.

There are no listing fees, but there is a selling fee when your item sells. Fees are levied on a sliding scale but are significantly lower than eBay's. Sellers can also set up a free store, complete with shopping cart at iOffer, when they list two or more items.

Sellers can also transfer their listings and feedback ratings from eBay to iOffer with a simple click of the mouse.

And don't forget about Amazon. They also offer web stores for sellers for a monthly fee,, as well as convenient alternatives for sellers that just wish to register with Amazon, and sell certain items on There are several options available for sellers through Amazon, so you should take your time reading all the options before deciding which one might be right for you.

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