March 14, 2008

Having A Garage Sale? Try These Tips!

Awhile I back I posted some tips for garage sale hunters. So today I thought I should post some tips for garage sale holders!

Collect items all year round

Keep a large cardboard box in your garage or a closet, and every time you come across an item that you want to sell at your next garage sale, clean it, price it, and toss it in the box.

Advertise In Local Newspapers

I think it's worth it to run an ad in the local papers...true garage sale hunters usually check ads so they can map out their route. Also, you can list items that are often in demand, and include brand names, i.e. Little Tykes Toys, Baby Gap Children's Clothing, Furniture Items, Tools. Also Include time and directions.


Use computer paper and bright colored markers to make your signs. The bigger the better when it comes to the letters! Staple the paper signs to cardboard and place them near intersections and corners. Do a drive after and check out your signs---see if they are visible and can be read, and directions are easy to follow. Hardware stores sell signs for garage sales that are easy to use and easy to spot from cars. Just write in your address on the area provided.

Label Your Items

It takes time, ( unless you followed tip #1 above!), but you'll be glad you did put prices on everything because it will help cut down on haggling. So make sure individual items have a label with the price on it. Books and cds are easiest with a price set per each, like .25 each, or 5/$1.00.

Display Items Clearly

People like looking at stuff on tables and on racks, not digging through boxes. Plus, clothing hung on racks just looks better and pricier. Children's clothing always seems to be a big hit at garage sales, especially if they are clean and name-brand. Adult clothing doesn't seem to do as well for some reason. Also, be sure to put things that will be in demand within easy sight of people driving by!


Try playing some low easy-listening music in the background to create a relaxed atmosphere for shoppers.


Plan ahead to keep some munchies nearby for you to snack on, and a cool drink or two easily available.

Offer Coffee

It's a nice touch, and not too expensive to have a pot of coffee set out with some disposable coffee cups you can get at the market. Buyers will like the gesture, and will probably browse longer and may feel more inclined to buy something from you.

Be Safe

Never do a garage sale by's just not a safe idea. Besides, it will be more fun with a friend or spouse. You'll need a second person anyway to take bathroom breaks and whatever breaks you'll need throughout the day.

Do Not use a cash box of any kind! Try using a fanny pack to keep your money in (have lots of dollar bills btw for making change easier). Also, if you get large bills over the course of the day, go ahead and put those safely away inside our home.

NEVER let anyone in your home for any reason. Be prepared to just say "no" to anyone no matter the reason--bathroom, phone, whatever. Tell them you have a fierce guard dog inside, and so you can't let anyone in, lol!

Close Up

Close your garage sale when you are down to a few things you know will not sell! Donate the leftovers, or throw them back in your box for your next sale.

Take down the neighborhood know you should...come on...just do it!

Finally, have a glass of your favorite wine and count your money!

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