March 13, 2008

Work From Home Doing Data Entry

This is from Craigs List, and not too many details are provided, so if interested, please use due diligence and research!

It is for data entry from home, and you need to have the internet, and you can also use a cell phone with internet access.

This is from the post:

"We are looking for a data entry person. You can work from home or anywhere with your cell phone if you have internet.

No experience required.

Responsibilities: will include data entry and keeping track of each unit you enter. We will also keep track.

Compensation: Starts at $15 for your first 500 units entered then the pay goes up.

It might take about 30 to 60 seconds per entry. It might take about 3 hours to input 500 units, but you can go at your own pace.

After your first 500 units entered the pay will vary from $20 to $25 per 500 unit assignment.

You can enter data on a computer with internet or cell phone with internet"

So if you are interested and want to follow up, here is the link to the post.

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