March 29, 2008

A Make Money Resource

Saturday afternoon...have you been garage sale cruising today? Or cleaning out closets, garage, attics, etc? Found some old books laying around that you don't read/need anymore?

Next time you do check out weekend garage sales, keep this book buying site in mind. It is a site that you can sell used books to, and they even pay for the shipping costs.

They have a list of the type of books they do not buy, so check that out first.

You get paid within 3 business days of Cash4Books receiving your book(s), by mailed check or through paypal.

You simply enter the ISBN fom the books you want to sell, and see the offer for the books right away. They also say that they try to give you the best price possible for your book(s), and they update pricing regularly. But if you should find a better price for your book elsewhere, email them the information, and they will let you know right away if they can match that price.

Something to keep in mind to earn some $$ pretty quickly!

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