March 28, 2008

Write Reviews and Earn Money

This is fun, pretty easy, and a way to make some extra money, though not a lot of money.

Just go to Review Stream, and sign up. You can then write a review about anything you want...your favorite restaurant, shampoo, barber shop, book, etc.

You get paid the current rate for reviews, which I believe at this moment is $2.00. But you can easily see the current rate posted every day on the home page. If your review somehow does not fit all the requirements, you can still earn some cash for it. This is called the "bulk rate", which is the regular rate divided by 5. You can also earn revenue money for your reviews whenever they get votes by viewers.

You get paid via paypal, and you can request payment whenever you have $50.00 in your account.

You can write as many reviews as you want, and just whenever you want.

Check out Review Stream and have fun!

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