March 6, 2008

Setting Goals.

So, I admit it....I have a tough time setting goals and following through. There s always something else that comes up and conveniently makes me either forget to follow through on my goal, or just gives me an easy excuse to put off accomplishing my goal.

But there is a site online where you can list your goals, and even get some inspiration for what goals to set for yourself. It is called 43 Things, and I just came across it today.

43 Things list some suggestions for setting goals that are useful, at least I think so.

For starters, your list of goals should include both ambitious and silly goals. The reasoning behind this suggestion is pretty simple.... achiveing a silly goal and crossing it off your list will give you confidence and motivation to accomplish one of your more ambitious goals. Sounds good.

Other suggestions include:
Don't make too many goals (no more than 43! )

Review and Edit your list weekly ( preferably on the same day each week )

Talk to your friends about your goals. This should give you some accountability (yikes!), and hopefully will get you some support!

Now, I don't know that I am brave enough yet to actually list my goals for everyone to see....but I can imagine it would make me more inclined to follow through on my goals.

But if you are feeling brave, and are looking for support and inspiration to come up wih goals or follow through on the goals you have already set, you might want to check out 43 Things, and join! ( It's free, btw).

Have fun!

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