April 24, 2008

10 Careers That are On The Rise

There is a very interesting article on Yahoo today about previously little known careers that are now beginning to get more and more popular. Guess what career made the list? Blogging!

From the article, "Just 10 years ago, blogging would have sounded to most like a verb relegated to video games. But now, freelance writers, marketers, Web designers, finance professionals--even tea-drinkers--can draw people from around the world to read what they're thinking. Businesses are catching on, which is why they'll often hire people to blog about their products, and some bloggers can actually sell ads on their personal blogs. Are your personal thoughts worth paying for? They are, especially if you have education and a unique voice. Top bloggers can make six figures, and a handful are said to make millions."

Millions....wouldn't that be nice! I do know of many bloggers that are making a very nice living from their blogging careers. However, it isn't easy! Blogging requires time, and more time. But it has benefits that most bloggers will probably tell you well override the negatives
A blogger's number one necessity for success is passion. Like the above article states, even blogging about tea can do well if your passion is all about tea!

With gas prices on a steady rise, I have a feeling there will be more people than ever before interested in starting a career from home whether it be in blogging or another interest.

Speaking of which, another career on this list of rising 10 careers is that of a Personal Chef.

According to the article, "..it's one of today's fastest growing culinary careers."

If you are a cooking fiend and love making meals for others with your special recipes, you should look into this career. Busy parents that have little time for planning, shopping and cooking meals make for great clients, and There is so much take-out families can stand with food that is most likely less than nutritious.

And if you are not so much the culinary sort, there is another way you can get in on this growing career trend. Find a Direct Sales Company that offers gourmet food products etc.. that has an affiliate division, such as Tastefully Simple ( There are many, so check around)and sign up with the company.

Here is the link to the article, "10 Great Careers You've Probably Never Heard Of"


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