April 26, 2008

At Today. Com Hiring Bloggers

I posted blogging jobs for At Today.com not too long ago, but am reposting again today because they are still hiring!

Bloggers are guaranteed $5 for each 150 word post. One post each day will be an extra $140/month for you. To write a 150 word post does not take much time at all...10-15 minutes.

They are are looking for all kinds of topics to be covered, so really you can pick something that interests you...gossip, fashion, health, business, sports, etc.

If you are interested (hey--think gas money at the least each month!)- just go to their website and apply!

Good Luck!

** Updated 7/18 -- Just a note to let you know Today.com does change their payment rates, so check on their site for their latest rates if you apply.

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