April 25, 2008

Refinishing Pianos From Your Garage Or Workshop

This is a "Friday Fun" job, I think!

It is one I have never heard of before but it sounds great. Two things though... you must be the home owner of the home you'd be working from, or have written permission from the owner if you rent, and secondly this job states it is for the Long Beach area or nearby cities.

Here are the job details:

An established piano restoration shop is hiring part time and full time refinishers. You will get paid training, so you do not need to have experience in refinishing furniture or pianos. Tools and necessary equipment are also provided.

Professional piano movers deliver the piano to your garage or workshop from the client's home.

Your working space needs to be at least 10'x 15'.

You will get paid by the hour or by completing various stages of a piano. You should earn, depending on your work, between $10-$22 an hour.

If you have experience with spray lacquer, you can earn more.

Movers pick up the piano when you are done, and return it to the client's home.

That's it! Interesting, isn't it?

Visit Piano Tuning Experts to read more about this company's services.

Read the Craig's List posting here, and follow the instructions for either emailing or calling the company for further info on this job.

Good Luck!

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