April 22, 2008

Bloggers Wanted!

Have you tried your hand at blogging yet? 451 Press is a network of blogs covering just about every topic under the sun. They are looking for additional bloggers to join them. A nice thing about blogging for a network is that you are associated with an established Brand Name, and as such, will have traffic available already.

Write about things that interest you...celebrity gossip to cooking...and earn money from home. You get free hosting for your personal site, and the instant support of the network's community of bloggers.

Really all you need, besides the computer and Internet, are passion, subject knowledge, and opinions to share!

So check out 451 Press. You’ll get paid 40% of the advertising that your blog generates and they'll actively seek out advertisers for your blog and work with their existing advertisers to get the best possible matches for everyone.
Good Luck!

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