April 23, 2008

Two Online Quick Money Makers

Here are two sites that you can visit to make some quick cash. Not "Get rich" kind of cash, but more like extra cash for bills, or gas, or whatever.

One is called the Daytipper. Here you submit a tip you want to share. It gets posted and published, and you earn a quick dollar! It takes about 2 days to get your email notification of your tip being approved or not. Then when it is published, you get paid through paypal. That's it. Quick way to make extra money online!

The other site is called Cell For Cash. Here you can sell your old cellphones, that are still in working condition, that you do not use anymore. This site will even provide you a postage free box that you can mail your old cell phone in. Just request online that a box be mailed to you. You can find out how much your phone will get you on the site, before you decide to sell it.

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