April 24, 2008

Have You Heard The News?

I am sooo excited! I am starting a new pet business (with my 10 year old daughter as my partner!), and I have been looking for advertising ideas and such. I found this site for Photo Cards and just fell in love with the card pictured above! Now, I know it says "Happy Holidays" on the outside, but you can personalize the outside and inside of the cards with your own wording.

I love the photo on the card...it's absolutely perfect, and my daughter agrees. Now we just need to come up with the perfect wording for the front where the little dog is whispering to the big dog. I'm thinking of "Have You Heard The News?", but am not 100 percent sure yet. My daughter wants "I Have a Secret." Any opinions or suggestions? On the inside we will have the standard type of announcement wording with our business name and details and such.

But I am happy with this card, and now my mind is racing with ideas of how to use them. We have a ways to go before we are ready to launch, lol, but so far we are having a blast with all our planning and designing!

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