May 6, 2008

All About Web Design

I know so very little about Web design, software applications, CSS, templates, and so on. But I figure I need to understand the technological side of websites and blogs if I am really going to succeed on my online journey.

I really have to push myself, because I am far more content with just blogging than I am with trying to actually create and design a site. Ugh. But the more bloggers I meet online, the more I realize how little I really know about design and coding, and how important it is that I learn. Again, I say UGH.

But I came across a Web design blog today that has so much information on it that I am sure I will actually learn some things about Web design, etc. There is so much on the site, such as information on Web designing, search engine optimization ( I need to know more about this for sure!), web directories, web template information, and lots more.

Maybe I'll learn something today after all...wish me luck!

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