May 6, 2008

Photoshop Experience Needed

This is an online opportunity that needs to be filled quickly. So if you are interested in applying, do so right away.

This is the job description:

- Grab a pre-selected photo from a webpage (the URL links are in Google Docs spreadsheet)
- Cut out item from the background of the image (most images are with a white background)
- Smooth out the edges of the item so it doesn't look choppy
- Add drop shadow (angle and standard specs will be provide)
- Save as an 80x80 pixel .jpg with transparency layer
- Some limited number of items will require minor colour modification or logo removal
- Upload finished image to web based database and enter in its ID number (provided in Google Docs spreadsheet)

Payment is as follows:

- Each items takes about six minutes to cut out and clean up
- We pay $2.00 for each item (this comes out to about $20.00 an hour, more if you are faster)
- There are roughly 1,200 items and for time reasons we may have more than one person do the job

The organization is an online charity building an orphanage..take a look at their website, We Can Build An Orphanage. If you would like to apply, here is the link....good luck, and hurry!

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