May 24, 2008

I Should be Working, but sometimes shopping happens!

Yep. I have been shopping more than working lately. My bad. Next week I will do better. But the last day or two I have been distracted by my son's upcoming birthday. My baby is turning 4! Bah. Time just flies so fast with kids, and it really can pull on my heart strings (some days more than others) to see them grow and change. Independence is a good thing, I know, but it still makes me sigh when my almost 4 year old needs mommy time less and less. But the good thing here is that it does make those hugs and "I love you's" even more special when I do get them from my oh so grown up little guy!
Anyway, with his birthday coming up, I have been trying to decide what to get him. I had the idea redoing his bedroom--new bed, new furniture, wallpaper border, etc. And since his most favorite things right now are 'everything construction', that's the theme I've decided on.
So I have been browsing and shopping for furniture for his bedroom the last couple of days when I should be working. Ack. I am enjoying this "redo" though, I have to admit. And I think my little guy will love the end result.
My favorite site for doing shopping is by far I can find so many choices all in one place online, compare prices and read reviews. It makes it so easy and fun to shop. I found a great bed I think I will order, and am checking out some toy boxes ( construction related, of course!) and maybe a small table and chair as well.
I am pretty sure his room will look cute when done, and my birthday boy will be delighted, hopefully, but I still miss the days when I was shopping for winnie the pooh items and his crib!

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