May 29, 2008

New Coupon Site To Share!

I came across a coupon site that I thought was really good and figured I would pass on the information here for anyone interested. Shopping these days is tougher on everyone it seems, so checking for any good deals before spending those hard earned bucks is really becoming an important thing in our house.

It really just takes a few minutes to check for discount code deals and bargain shopping promotions for so many different stores on this coupon site, which I think I like the most about it. They have a list of stores available,and all you have to do is click on any one of them and see what deals/coupons are available.

There is also a search option where you can just type in what type of item or store you are looking for, and get a quick listing for stores offering deals and coupons. I tried the search for flowers, and found some great deals--like 15% off my order! Yea!

I am an impulse buyer, for sure. But I am trying hard to change my bad shopping ways, lol, and so lists and coupons are becoming my thing these days. From shopping for our pet supplies to toys for our kids birthdays, and their friends' birthdays, I am trying to be a more savvy shopper.

So I will be bookmarking this coupon site--just have to make sure I discipline myself to use it!

Check it out and see what you think!

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