May 29, 2008

Work From Home As a ChaCha Guide

Cha Cha is looking for guides to answer questions and earn money from home! Cha Cha is a service that people can access from their cell phones to find quick answers to questions, such as, a phone number for a restaurant.

Guides are people at home on their computers who will find answers to questions coming in. Cha Cha provides training, tips and tools to guides so they are able to search the Internet quickly for answers.

Guides log in and work on their own schedule. Guides work when they choose for as long as they choose. The flexibility that being a guide offers makes this a good possibility for anyone wanting to earn extra money working from home. You just log on and start answering questions. Log off when you need to.

The current pay is .20 per transaction/answer, and the average is about $4-$10/hr. for guides. Guides are paid once a month if they have $100 or more in their account. Payment is by direct deposit to your account, or through a debit card.

Cha Cha is not always hiring guides, so if you are interested, check it out quickly. You will need to follow their registration process, which involves taking several online tests.

Check out Cha Cha, and if you decide to apply, Good Luck!

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