May 6, 2008

Work For Online University As a Phone Representative

First..there is no selling or asking for money involved in this job, which I think is a very good thing!

What representatives would be doing is calling funders (grant makers) and asking one or two questions based on an outline that would be provided for you along with a spreadsheet of contact information and research. In the course of asking the questions you would attempt to leave a positive impression of the organization and communicate the nature of what they do. You would not ask for money. You can work from home and set your own hours and amount of time that you put in, working as an independent contractor.

This position is with Free World U, a 501(c)3 publicly supported nonprofit organization, that is building the first Internet University. Their mission is to provide free online education to everyone world wide. Their primary goal right now is to develop a pre K-12 program, and eventually expanding to an online university that will include a wide range of practical subjects such as the computer sciences and trades.

As far as pay...the listing states "compensation is negotiable" I assume this will be determined at time of hiring.

Read more about this work at home opportunity, and follow the directions for applying online. Good Luck!

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