June 18, 2008

Have You Heard of Pyrography?

I found a great lens on Squidoo today and had to post about it. The lens is about a husband and wife team that create beautiful art items through Pyrography.

Pyrography literally means, "Writing with Fire" and is the process of using a metal tipped stylus or"pen" that has been heated up, and used to burn impressions into wood. I did not know this before--so cool to learn about new things. The author describes in great detail the process that she and her husband go through as they create each individual art item. It is really interesting.

All of their unique creations are handcrafted out of white Maine pine, such as chests, Lap desks, wine boxes, wall boards, Pet Portrait keepsake boxes and urns, and custom chair rails.

I would love to be this talented and be able to have a home business selling my creations. (sigh.)

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