July 13, 2008

Christmas in July--Start Making Extra Christmas Money Now!

I just signed up with "Swag Bucks" and I'm really excited! The way it works is simple- You register with Swag Bucks, and then use the swag bucks search engine when you do your normal searching on the Internet.

Every time you do a search, you have a chance to win "swag bucks." You can win amounts of $1.00-$5.00. Right after I signed up, I did my first search and voila! I won $2.00!! I was so excited--you'd thought I won the jackpot at Las Vegas, hehe. Anyway, the bucks you earn go into your account, and whenever you have enough swag bucks, you can visit the swag bucks store and buy merchandise. They have a lot of gift cards for various places, so my goal is to start earning some gift cards for Christmas.

Another feature with swag bucks is if you shop online at a participating store, you will get back $1 swag dollar for every $5 you spend. So if you were going to shop online anyway for some item you need, it's worth it to see if the store is a participating swag bucks retailer, and earn some swag bucks!

You can also earn swag bucks by referring friends. When they sign up and win swag bucks, you will too.

You can only win swag bucks each day for the first twenty searches, so it doesn't work to just sit and try doing different searches (yea--I admit I thought about that, LOL). The winning swag bucks will show up only periodically--you never know when a search will win. So it's best to just search with the swag bucks whenever you would normally find yourself searching for something anyway.

Check out swag bucks ( I have a button on the side column you can click on to go directly to the site) --it really is easy and fun, and is a good way to start earning extra Christmas money in July.

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