July 11, 2008

Telecommuting Opportunities in Market Research

Troy Research is a marketing research company that offers market research services to other established and just starting out companies. Troy Research's primary goal is to help clients get the most value from their Internet research in a sales, customer service, or support role.

Troy Research has several different independent contractor jobs that are work from home positions. What I like about this company is that on the careers page, they offer a resource for interested applicants to speak with independent contractors already working with Troy Research.

From looking at their list of telecommuting jobs, they seem to have phone interviewer jobs available, as well as online research positions available.

There is no salary/payment information listed however, so I guess you will find that information out as you go through the application process.

To get started, you select the Independent Contractor opportunity that interests you, and then proceed to the online application on the Troy Research Website.

Good Luck if you apply--and please share your experiences if you have worked with Troy Research!

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