August 18, 2008

Finding The Work You Love

I wanted to share a great article I read today over on Zen Habits. It's about not giving up on finding the work that you love...the work that you can't wait to get started on in the mornings. Because that is one key aspect to our being happy Finding what you are so passionate about that doing it really doesn't seem like work at all. And though some may have found their passion in life and you feel you never will, you should not give up.

What I really liked about this article is that readers are given five tips on how to find the work they love...and here they are:

# It won’t find you — you have to seek it. Doing the same ol’ thing everyday isn’t the way to find the work you love. Sometimes, you get extremely lucky and it just lands in your lap. Most people, however, aren’t that lucky — you’ve got to take action, and you’ve got to seek it.

# You can’t stop looking until you find it. As Steve Jobs said, never settle. If you find something that’s just a bit better than your current job, that’s better … but don’t stop there. Keep looking. Don’t give up the search.

# You’ll have to look in lots of funny places. Really explore. Try new hobbies. Talk to new people. Read articles on different blogs, in different magazines and books. Inspiration might come from someplace you never imagined.

# You might not love it completely until you get good at it. Most likely you’ll know that you love something once you find it … but at that point, you’ve got to work at getting better at it, with all your might. Once you get good, it’ll be something you can’t stop doing, because you’ll get a thrill at doing something great.

# Once you find it, you have to pour yourself into it. If you find the work you love, you’ve been given a gift. Don’t spoil it — truly pour yourself into that work. That doesn’t mean you should ignore the other loves in your life, including family and friends, but when you’re working, you should devote yourself completely to that work.

There is much more about finding your passion in the article, and it is well worth taking a look at! Enjoy.

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