August 3, 2008

Freelance Writing With Mahalo

I posted about Mahalo a few weeks ago and their freelance writing opportunities that pay $10/hour.

Mahalo Greenhouse is advertising now for freelance writers to write articles that will be paid from $45.00 to $200.00 an article.

How To pages require researching topics online, separating good information and resources from spam and low-quality sites. After researching a topic you will write a page incorporating the best online resources you find.

If you are interested in freelancing How To Pages for Mahalo, send a resume and writing sample to julia at mahalo dot com. Once you've received approval, freelance writers are welcome to claim any subject on Mahalo's Freelance page.

Check out the freelance writing page, and you'll get an idea of topics that you can write about, and how much they are paying.

And you can also sign up with Mahalo Greenhouse today, and start writing search pages for Mahalo today. Pay for seach pages is about $10.0-$15.00 a page when accepted.

So check out Mahalo and Mahalo Greenhouse and see what you think!

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