July 3, 2008

Work From Home as a Freelance Writer For Mahalo

Mahalo is looking for $10 an hour freelance, work-from-home writers to help them build excellent search result pages. Candidates must be excellent writers capable of writing perfect copy at a fast pace. Familiarity with online research, journalism, and wiki markup language are all definite pluses.

Mahalo is a human-powered search engine dedicated to delivering carefully curated search results featuring the highest quality, spam-free links available, alongside helpful and informative Guide Notes and Fast Facts about these search terms. Their motto is ”We’re here to help.”

This is what their site says about their work at home positions:

1. All positions are freelance
2. Four hour shifts up to 48 hours a week
3. $10 per hour
4. No benefits

If you are interested, check out the Mahalo Website and read about their process for applying for their freelance writer positions. Good Luck!

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