August 26, 2008

Time For Change

Economy woes are forcing many people to create changes in their lifestyle. But some of us may be reluctant and afraid to change our ways. And some of us may want desperately to make changes in our lives, but don't know how to start. And of course we would like for changes to occur overnight--like getting rich overnight, creating a product and have it become a top seller overnight, finding the perfect work from home job overnight, etc.

Rhonda Abrams At Gannett News Service has written a great article about change, and she advises that people think of change as a series of steps, and that even if we fear changes in our lives, in order to be successful in life and with our businesses, we need to be willing and able to change when necessary.

You certainly need to have the attitude that you can mke the changes you desire. Look at obstacles as challenges that you can and will overcome. Without a positive attitude, you will have a very hard time with change.

Goals need to be very specific, realistic and set within a time frame that is acceptable to you. If you will need a year to accomplish the change you want in your business, be realistic and acknowledge it will take a year of hard work and small steps.

Make an action plan with real concrete steps you can take each day. Don't let your goals and plans be fuzzy. Every day is another opportunity to take a step towards your ultimate goal. So write down these steps, and keep to your plan.

Make a commitment to your plans and goals by visualizing yourself actually making these changes and achieving your desired results.

Try to think of yourself as being in a process of transformation, and remember that you will probably have spurts and pauses along the way. But if you stay realistic and not think of change as something that must occur immediately, you're more likely to be successful. Keep the big picture in mind, and try to not let small set backs discourage you from realizing the changes you want in your life and in your business.

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