August 30, 2008

Work From Home Sharing Human Interest Stories

In July I posted about making some extra money working from home for, and now Orato is once again looking for freelance writers to submit stories. is paying for true, timely stories written through the eyes of those who were ‘there’! It’s their aim to become the world’s leader in unprejudiced, 1st person story-telling. wants to be a competitive option for anyone with a great human-interest story to tell, and they are giving correspondents a number of opportunities to earn money. In addition to selling the story directly to, correspondents can benefit from a ‘tipping’ function that allows visitors to tip the author.

Video footage, audio recordings and photos which complement a story add to the value of your story. The more compelling the story, the more Orato pays.

You can send any of your human interest story ideas to:

You can also check out their website and get a feel for what Orato is looking for from freelance writers.

Good Luck!

**I'm adding a link to the page for submitting your ideas to here

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