September 10, 2008

Pet Care Company Looking For Work At Home Dispatchers

Fetch Pet Care is looking for moms, retirees and others who are at home from 8am-8pm most days. Your actual work hours would be about 3-5 each day, but you need to be "on call" most of the day.

Having internet access at home and home phone number that they can route calls to is a must. The dispatcher's primary duties are to manage scheduling and dispatching of all client assignments to their large staff of pet sitters. Tasks include dispatching, coordinating, heavy phones, email, data entry, and general office duties.

Experience in dispatching, customer service and/or sales is a major plus, as is owning or having owned a pet. Must have a home-based office setup, including phone, computer and high-speed internet that gives you quiet space to do your work.

Pay is $13 per hour, and the job requires you be available to answer phones and emails 8am-8pm, 3-4 days/week. Pay is based on actual hours worked, in other words time spent on the phone or emailing clients and sitters.

For immediate consideration, just submit your resume to

Note** This is for Los Angeles Based Applicants only.

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