October 27, 2008

Freelance Writers/Bloggers Needed For Gourmet Website

Work at home blogging about food, and making money at the same time...yum! Sounds like a delicious recipe for a part time freelance job. (Sorry--my misguided humor kind of took over there, LOL). OK, here's the info-

Gourmandia is looking for 10 best writers and bloggers for its lifestyle.gourmandia.com site. So they will be running a two week search campaign. If you'd like to be considered, then you need to visit their website, login in, and then create your profile including a picture, and post an article. Gourmandia will be choosing the bloggers they want to hire based on the number of friends each participant is able to generate in their viewer network, and the level of interest in their article among viewers (as reflected in the number of viewers who read their article). Articles should initially be posted under the comment section.

Bloggers will be paid $50 weekly for two articles and two blogs per week, plus $0.40cents per 1,000 viewers for total visitors per month.

Good Luck!

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