December 22, 2008

Start A Work At Home Career as an Interpreter

If you are bilingual, you might want to check out the website, Language Line. This company hires work at home Interpreters and may be accepting applications in your area.

To be considered for their work at home Interpretation positions, you need to have

A quiet and professional environment during work periods.

A dedicated phone line. The telephone must be a corded traditional telephone. No cordless, speakerphones, cellular/wireless or VoIP (e.g. Skype, Vonage). This line would be for incoming calls only and without extra services (i.e. call waiting, call forwarding). You will be reimbursed for the installation of the phone line, if necessary, and also for the monthly service charge.

A headset phone or corded headset with a noise canceling microphone and a mute button. The headset must be corded and plug into a corded telephone to allow you to work hands-free. You will be reimbursed for the headset phone or headset that you purchase.

You can get more information on the work at home Interpretation Careers with Language Line, such as their payment plans and interview process, and apply online if interested.

Good Luck!

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