January 17, 2009

Work at Home in Customer Service Job

Sutherland Global Services has a Sutherlands @Home unit which allows customer service agents to work part time from their homes. Customer Service agents are hired as employees of Sutherland, not as independent contractors.

The work at home customer service agents can work a minimum of 19 hours to a maximum of 29 hours a week. Management positions may be offered to customer service agents from time to time, and these management positions are also offered as work at home positions.

Pay range is $10-$15 per hour, depending on the type of work needed, your experience in that field, and your productivity. You can be paid either through direct deposit or have your check mailed to you.

Customer Service agents have a lot of flexibility with scheduling their work hours. You will need a dedicated work area free of noise and distractions. There are also hardware requirements your computer will need to meet.

If you are interested, The Sutherland @Home website has complete information and details on their Work at Home Jobs, and an online application you can access by clicking on the "Current Jobs Available" tab.

Good Luck!

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