February 13, 2009

Educational Writers Wanted For ESL Website

The World & I Online is a cross-curriculum educational resource and monthly magazine. They are looking for freelance writers to submit article submissions of 1,000-1,500 words about inspirational and outstanding ESL Americans. Particularly, they would like to see stories about Americans who overcame adversity (language barriers, discrimination, poverty, etc) and became successful contributors to their community and country.

"We are most interested in reading stories about prominent social and political figures, such as Cesar Chavez, Jaime Escalante, Joseph Pulitzer, Frances X. Cabrini, Dalip Singh Saund, Felix Frankfurter, Frank Capra, etc. Or you may have an equally inspiring story about your neighbor, or a local activist or businessperson. Either way, we value themes of hard work, perseverance, a love for learning, and above all, hope."

"Please keep in mind that your audience will be ESL students. We will favor quality submissions with a less-complex writing style."

They will be paying $100 per accepted submission.

You can send article submissions and query letters to editors@worldandi.com.

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