April 28, 2009

Weegy--- Get Paid To Answer Questions Online

So I came across Weegy.com today. Apparently it is relatively new, and is along the same lines as Cha Cha, except that there is no test to take-- with Weegy anyone can sign up on the spot.

Now I have signed up, but am still working my way through the site trying to get a good feel for it, and understand how it really works. What I gather so far is that you sign up, select categories you feel you have some expertise/knowledge in, and basically wait for conversations to open up.
Now, you can join a conversation, give your answer, and earn points. I will say honestly at this point it seems a little fuzzy, at least for me. Maybe I need a second cup of coffee....

Anyhoo-- I am not certain yet of how you get paid. But it does state on the Weegy website that Weegy experts earn .20 for each conversation you participate in. I do not think Weegy is big enough yet for tons of conversation opportunities just yet--but that is just my observation so far--I could easily be wrong. Also, I am not certain on how you become "an expert"--if it is automatic or is that where the "point" system comes in.

And that is what I have to share about Weegy so far. As I learn more/use it more (or not), I will share here. But I would LOVE to hear from others that have tried Weegy--have signed up and are using it to actually earn some extra money..... anything you can share would be great! Tips, suggestions, etc....

Last few items about www.weegy.com --

You are paid through paypal when your account reaches the $20 min. payout.
You can comment on previous or ongoing conversations to earn points.
They have a referral program--once you sign up, you can get get the links for others to sign up and you earn residual income that way (so, yes, if you use my links here, that is my affiliate link.. and if you sign up..thank-you!)
You will hear a "ding" when a conversation opens up--if you leave the page open-- you do not need to log off

Ok-- that's it for now. Check out Weegy, come back and let us know what you think--Thanks!

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