April 28, 2009

Work From Home Court Researchers

SunLark Research offers work from home opportunities for people interested in visiting local courthouses to obtain information from public records.

This is of course not completely working at home, as you will need to drive to courthouses to get the information needed by clients. But you determine when and how often you work, and the court research generally will be very basic information from the documents available, such as names and addresses. The information is then entered into a spreadsheet or database.

The amount of work available for a court researcher will depend largely on the population base and growth and mobility of the area and on the type of assignments available in your area. A very small county (i.e., under 10,000 residents) may have only one hour of work per month while a very large county (i.e., over 1 million population) can sometimes keep a fast-working researcher busy for 30-40 hours per week and could even need to be done by a team.

If interested in this work from home (sort of) opportunity (sorry--no pay information was given), then check out the website and you can apply right online.

Good Luck!

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