May 11, 2009

Business Idea / Franchise Possibility?

In my daily cruising around the Internet, I came across "Grins To Go," a mobile photography business that also offers franchise opportunities. The Franchise King blog has picked this company as the number one franchise for May 2009.

The idea is simple -- photographers go to you--to your events, parties, home, sporting events, etc... And we love our pictures. Everyone does. After our kids and pets, pictures are right up there on the list when trying to grab things to take with you if there is a fire, right?

So I thought it was worth passing on this business franchise here....if for no other reason than to perhaps give inspiration/motivation to enthusiastic picture takers who make photography a passionate hobby. Maybe think about turning the hobby into a business. Start your own mobile photography business. Maybe make it more specialized at first to keep things simple. Like mobile pet photography. Or focus on children's birthday parties.

And if you are in the market for a franchise, you might really want to look into this one as well.

Got camera? Get a business. Check out the Grins2Go...and maybe find inspiration for starting your own home business!

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