June 10, 2009

Home Based Business Idea??

Have you seen, or maybe already use, those cute wine stoppers for bottles instead of puting just the corks back in? Well, I read an article that shows you how to make your own wine bottle stoppers...and so of course, I started thinking that this could possibly be a way to start a business right from home!

If you are creative, resourceful and artistic, it could be a fun thing to try. I have not checked out Etsy or other online sources for selling home made crafts, but perhaps I will. Even if there are others already in the "home made one-of -a-kind wine stoppers" business--there is always room for more competition, right?

Anyhoo-- if you are the slightest bit interested, hehe, check out the DIY article on making wine stoppers--and see if it inspires you!!


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