July 11, 2009

Work At Home for ibw-books.com

I was recently contacted by ibw-books.com to review their interactive books designed to help children develop their reading skills. The books use the Interactive Book-Webscene (IBW) story telling process. At the end of each chapter in a book, there is a weblink. Children can visit the link to watch animations called webscenes.

My kids loved the books they received to review, and getting to watch the animated scenes at the end of each chapter was like a treat -- they couldn't wait until we finished reading to go online and watch the webscenes. If you would like to read a bit more about our experience with the IBW books, you can visit my other site, and enter the giveaway to win $60 worth of interactive books yourself!

But what I really wanted to share here on wannabe a wahm, is that IBW has a program for Book Sellers Program, where IBW Book Sellers can make money introducing the innovative multimedia IBW books the same day they host a party.

Your commissions come directly from the payments customers pay you on the day of a party, or whenever you sell a book. You take your share before you send in the orders to IBW. And this is not a direct selling program where you are also trying to have others sign up under you--no recruiting and no sharing commissions.

And of course, how you choose to run your IBW Book Seller business is up to you. Parties are not required at all. It is your business to run the way you like.

So if you are looking at Direct Selling as a business to have from home, take a look at the IBW Book Seller Program and see if it could work for you. Just a note here also--I am personally not a part of the program, and am not trying to "recruit" anyone. I just love the books, and wanted to pass on this work at home opportunity!

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