August 5, 2009

Freelance Travel Writers To Work From Home

A new Travel site is looking for passionate travel writers to write overviews of various travel destinations. The site would like writers to provide 2-3 overviews per weekday, for approximately 12 weeks. Each overview should be 300-350 words long. Pay is $10 per overview.

While a passion for travel is important, you do not need to be a veteran traveler yourself-- what they are looking for are articles that are convincing, persuasive, inspirational, original and accurate destination overviews that inspire people to travel to the given destination.

If interested in working from home writing travel/destination articles, they ask that you email your resume,a travel related writing sample, and a 150 word travel overview of “Rome, Italy” (The directions for this step are intentionally vague. They want to see what you think is important to include. Just keep in mind that your target audience is someone researching a trip and trying to decide whether or not to visit Rome).

Email the above to:

This is a Craig's List posting, so please use due diligence.

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