October 1, 2009

Work From Home :AOL Looking For Bloggers

AOL Personals is looking for Freelance Relationship Expert Bloggers on Senior & Baby Boomer Dating.

Blogger Requirements for the position:
a) Experience or expertise with dating and relationships in the Senior Community, online dating experience preferred
b) Ability to integrate links in posts
c) Post length: between 150-300 words
d) Must be familiar with HTML and capable of publishing own posts
e) Must be able to turn around witty, engaging posts quickly
g) 3-4 posts per week (half free-form on what's new and hot in city, half guided by assigned

Starting payment for posts is $10.

Submission requirements:

Email your submission to LoveSubmit@aol.com Submission requirements: Samples of published writing clips (preferably including blog posts) Resume and a list of qualifications and past writing/relationship experience Contact info, including permanent address Length of time it takes you to turn around a blog post of 250 words on a current event. List of beats/topics you have experience covering. References. There is an online form for applying here.

Good Luck!

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